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Life Skill Personal Transformation Seminar

by Sarvadarsi das

Posted September 19, 2003

Dear devotees,

haribolo !!!

We are organising a Life Skill Personal Transformation Seminar with Dhira Govinda prabhu in New Mayapura, France from the 21 st of december till the 30 th of december. This seminar will be done in two parts. The first part deals with communication; listening tools, interpersonal skills, commitment, teamwork and assertiveness. Part two is Advanced Personal Transformation. Dhira Govinda prabhu has been doing these seminars all over the world, both in ISKCON centers as well as in the secular world. All those who have followed this seminar have obtained tremendous benefit in their day to day life, in their dealings with society as well as on a personal level.

Those who are interested in these seminars, kindly contact

You will get all necessary information on the price, prasadam and living facilities etc.

Sarvadarsi dasa