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We are inviting applications for a qualified doctor (minimum qualification MBBS) for the post of Resident Medical Officer at Food For Life Medical Center in Vrindavan, India. Attractive salary and accommodation will be provided. Doctors who are retired or wish to retire and offer their services in Vrindavan Dham are most welcome/preferred.

The hospital has been functioning for the last 4 years and has the following facilities:

Regular OPD

20 bedded IPD

Well equipped pathology laboratory


X ray department

ECG facility

Dental department

Operation theater (will be completed shortly)

Opthalmology department

Gynecology department

Visiting Orthopedic surgeon

The hospital at Kiki Nangla, approx. 3 miles from the ISKCON temple. The Hospital is located in a quiet and peaceful area with Food For Life Vrindavan Sandipani Muni School, Organic farming, Care for Cows and more...

Those interested please send your applications with resume to rupa@fflvrindavan.org. For further details you can contact Rupa +91 9837302171.

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Established non-profit organization with 26 year track record is looking for a stable, well organized, utterly reliable, as well as flexible individual to supervise a t-shirt distribution warehouse operation in located 10 minutes from the temple in San Diego, California. This is a full-time position. Proceeds go to support Vaishnava programs. You must have good communication skills, be impeccably honest, be able to lift at least 40 lbs., and be an excellent driver. Duties include driving and dispatching vendors, maintaining facilities and equipment, and receiving and tracking inventory. Salary is commensurate with experience. Full training provided, though the ideal candidate will have some organizational experience. Please call +1 760.635.0260 and leave a detailed message with the best time to return the call. You may also forward a resume/work history to: rbutler2@roadrunner.com

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A retired person is looking for seva opportunity inside the temple. Twice initiated and familiar with all department of temple. Do not expect any financial allowance from Temple. Please contact vpd101 [at] hotmail [dot] ca

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Strategic planning is a vital part of any organization wanting to effectively reach its long-term objectives. Every world-class organization therefore employs a strategic planner to guide it past obstacles and inefficiencies and help it achieve its overall mission and goals. Large or small, organizations employ these professionals to provide themselves with valuable strategies for current and future growth.

In February, leaders from around the world attended the first ISKCON Leadership Sanga. It became clear that devotees in position of leadership have a significant interest in strategic planning and are looking for support in their planning work.

To create this support, the GBC's Strategic Planning Team (SPT) is seeking a Divisional Director of Strategic Planning. If this position interests you, and you have the required qualifications, please send an e-mail introducing yourself, along with your résumé in an attached RTF or PDF file, to makingadifference -at- pamho.net. Or if you know of anyone who can serve in this position, we look forward to hearing from you.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Divisional Director of Strategic Planning will need to work as an SPT member, in a collaborative, service-oriented relationship with GBC members, and with any other ISKCON leaders who require her/his services.

Essential Functions:

  1. Educate, consult, and facilitate GBC members in developing their personal vision/mission statements and strategic plans for their service.
  2. Under the direction of the relevant GBC member(s), perform the above for any RGB or National Council that desires these services.
  3. Under the direction of the relevant GBC member(s), perform the above for any temple president or project leader who desires these services.
  4. Along with the SPT members, develop educational materials, templates and other tools that will serve the overall effort.
  5. Assist any of our devotee clients with any organizational and/or environmental scanning they may wish to do and the subsequent interpretation and use of those scans.
  6. Collaborate on and assist our devotee clients with any other research projects related to strategic planning they may wish to conduct.
  7. Validate that the plans are in line/tandem with the overall strategic objectives laid down by the GBC in conjunction with the SPT.
  8. Suggest appropriate organizational structures to facilitate the execution of these strategic plans. This may require reviewing whether particular zones, temples or projects have the manpower and training to understand and execute the various facets of strategic planning and can meet their overall objectives.

In all of the above, seek recommendations for new and innovative ways to advance ISKCON's mission and the service of our devotee clients and to assist our devotee clients to find relevant and relatable ways to serve the most basic tenet of our spiritual strategic planning: "More Devotees, Happier Devotees."

Management Responsibilities:

  1. Create, maintain, and report to the SPT the Divisional Director of Strategic Planning's own strategic plan and execution details.
  2. Produce detailed reports on a regular basis for the SPT.
  3. Produce overview reports, subject to the approval of the SPT, for the GBC body twice a year.
  4. Create appraisals for all planning projects, especially including the appraisal of how well plans are being executed.
  5. Make regular assessments of the needs of our devotee clients with the objective of developing additional educational training, consultative services and other needs that may develop.
  6. Make urgent and immediate reports to the SPT and related GBC members about any relational matter with our devotee clients that might need attention.
  7. Maintain a solid personal organizational system that ensures fast response, strong work flow and timely project completion.
  8. As the position grows, supervise any devotees who will work under the Divisional Director of Strategic Planning.
  9. Produce a budget and submit proper expense reports for all moneys.

Spiritual Qualifications: Sixteen rounds minimum, following our four regulative principles, studied in our scriptures, ability to be humble, tolerant and cooperative.

Education and Experience:

  1. Bachelor's degree in business management, engineering, marketing or finance from a four-year accredited university strongly preferred. An MBA would be ideal.
  2. Experience with primary (qualitative and quantitative) and secondary research.
  3. Practical work experience in strategic planning most desirable. Experience can be either in the secular world or in ISKCON.
  4. Significant skills in team leading and team participation.
  5. Strong computer skills, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the use of the Internet (including skill in effective Internet searching).
  6. Familiarity with ISKCON and its management helpful.
  7. Skill in program development and execution a must.
  8. Strong communication skills, including the ability to write compelling, articulate and succinct planning documents, good research reports, presentations and white papers, and to respond efficiently to general correspondence.

Personal Characteristics: Results-oriented, energetic and focused, enthusiastic, level-headed, highly respectful, ability to work with superiors in a courteous but effective way. Maintenance as required.

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A retired person is looking for seva opportunity inside the temple.

1 Following Krishna consciousness from home since 1981. First initiation in 1987.

2 Familiar with all services in the temple, but not an expert of any department.

3 Originally from India, lived in USA and Canada over forty years.

4 do not expect any financial allowance from temple.

Please reply vpd101@hotmail.ca

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Looking for a talented devotee artist to paint the cover for a DVD documentary on Aindra Prabhu. In your reply please include samples of your own work and a contact phone number. You will be compensated for this and I am hoping to complete the project by 07-20-12 (20th of July).

Please contact theyogicscience@gmail.com