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The following video is a short introduction to the Sraddha-kutir program.

The Sraddha-kutir program is when homes are acknowledged as spiritualized due to the residents following several minimum requirements.

"Let your place become acknowledged as a Sraddha-kutir" is an expression used by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura.

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We are happy to invite devotees from around the world to perform the most auspicious Sri Kshetra Parikrama. This year the parikrama day falls on 3rd December. On this day, devotees will circumambulate the entire Sri Kshetra dhama, a distance of around 19 Km. This parikrama has been performed since the time Vidyapati visited Sri Kshetra. ISKCON has been organizing this parikrama for the last seven years, on the specific day prescribed for parikrama as per the scriptures. Last year we had eight thousand devotees participating in this parikrama. This year we are expecting many international devotees

Highlights of this festival:
Sri Jagannath Darshan, Sri Jagannath Mahaprasadam, Sadhusanga Chanting, dancing, circumambulating Puridham, bathing in the ocean, and much more, all in the association of more ten thousand devotees!!

Hearing from expert devotees like HH Jayapataka Swami, HH Bhakti Charu Swami, HH Bhaktipurusottama Swami, HH Bhakti Gourava Narayan Swami, HH Gouranga Prema Swami, HH Bhakti Nityananda Swami, HH Bhakti Vinod Swami, HH Ram Govinda Swami, HG Ananga Mohan Prabhu and many more speakers, who know every detail of the pastimes of Jagannatha in Puri. HH Lokanath Swami will be there as usual to lead us in Sankirtan.

The festival schedule is as follows:

30th Nov: Devotees Arrival

1st & 2nd Dec : Visit to different holy places in Puri related to the pastimes of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

3rd Dec : Parikrama of Puridhama.

4th Dec: Extra day parikrama by Bus to Alarnatha, SakhiGopal, DandaBhanga, Chakra Tirtha, Vedi Hanumana, Sonar Gouranga and few other places. (separate registration is required)

We will have three groups of devotees- Bengali, Oriya and English(international) speaking.

Registration fee per head Rs.400/- (international group)

There will separate charge for your accommodation according to the type of hotel you chose.

This parikrama is organized for three days only. As devotees are coming from different parts of the world, many of whom may be coming for the first time or only time in their lives, we are planning to add one day more to the parikrama for those who desire to stay one extra day in puri. On this day we will visit Alarnath, SakhiGopala, DandaBhanga, Chakra Tirta, Vedi Hanumana, Sonar Gouranga and a few other places. If you are interested in this one day extra parikrama then please let us know. There will be an extra charge for this one day parikrama. This parikrama will be conducted by bus.

As we need sufficient time to book the hotels, I request all the devotees to kindly register yourself and your group from September.

Please write to Sriharikanta das for registration at: bpssecretary@pamho.net.

Your registration will be confirmed only upon payment.

For any special enquiry you may also write to at bps@pamho.net

Registration per person Rs. 400/- which includes parikrama and prasadam.

Special bus parikrama on 4th per person Rs.500/- this will only include transportation and prasadam.

Various Sponsorships


a) Breakfast Rs.50,000

b) Lunch Rs.75,000

c) Snacks for all Rs.60,000

2. Sannyasi Seva Rs.21,000

3. Mahasagar Arati Rs.21,000

4. Drama(cuitural Program) Rs.15,000

5. Jagannath Katha Rs.15,000

6. Pandal Rs.1,50,000(3 Pandals X 50,000)

7. Jalchatra Rs.11,000

8. Patron Membership Rs.11,000

9. 108 Vaishnav Seva Rs.5,100


I hope this letter will find you in good health and Krishna consciousness.

Thank you very much
Your humble servant
Sankirtan bldg
Dist: Nadia 741313
W.B India
ph no.+91 3472 245481
fax no.+91 3472 245455

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All devotees are invited to attend our first Vaishnava retreat here in the mystic hills of Sedona. The four day festival (August 23 - 26, Thurs. thru Sun.) will include lots of kirtan, Krishna and Prabhupada katha, fresh air and hiking the Red Rock trails, daily swimming in the natural and clear Oak Creek, off road tours, Hari Nam, and lots of delicious prasadam.

Sedona is a tourist destination for approximately 4 million people a year, arriving here from all over the world. More than half of them say they are coming here in hopes to have a spiritual experience (according to a Northern Arizona University poll). A visit to this majestic land of vortexes reveals what sparks such a tale. Also, with only 16,000 people living here in the area, it is an ideal place for meditation and devotional contemplation, abounding in nature’s beauty and red rock formations resembling ancient temples of India.

We have noticed that many devotee retreats held are quite expensive. This one will be free, with the exception that $25 per day will be charged per person for prasadam. You just have to get here (nearest international airport is Phoenix), and with the exception of some limited room we have at our Vedic Center, others will have to either camp out in back of our facilities, or get a more comfortable arrangement at a nearby hotel or resort. We advise you to make your reservations as early as possible.

Although we are trying to line up some senior devotees for classes, kirtans, etc., the real v.i.p.s will be all of you. Whenever vaishnavas assemble, the transcendental magic happens. Devotees are so rare, and we are looking forward to your association. We have a very large project planned here in Sedona for the benefit of the planet’s spiritual seekers, to the tune of $200 million. We invite you to view our plans at our new and improved website (www.SedonaVedicCulture.com), and perhaps even get involved.

To see the festival poster, and for more details click on the following link: Click Here.

If you have any questions, please email us at sedonavediccenter@gmail.com.

The return of Beach Blanket Kirtan !!

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Seabright Beach
@ foot of Mott St., Santa Cruz, CA
Between the boardwalk and harbor
GPS: +36.963536, -122.008742

Saturday, July 14, 2012 7:00-9:30 p.m.
Free admission & parking. Sponsored by Anandamaya das & associates.
Info/volunteer, call (831)464-1190 or send email to

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As you may know, this year, Kartika starts at the end of October, which is later than usual, giving us more time to prepare for the Damodara program!

Countries such as Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, England and Mauritius are actively celebrating this wonderful program and encouraging thousands to offer lamps to Lord Damodara.

Be part of the Damodara program effort!

If you are already hosting this program, please let us know so that we can add you to our list!

Here is our electronic flyer of the Damodara program: http://en.calameo.com/read/0012509209d5b95e99946

We hope to hear from you at cdm@pamho.net

On behalf of the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry,

Your servant, Manjulali Manjari Sevini dd

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If there was a medal to be won for walking, we would have gotten the gold. vimeo.com/47307524

We were doing 8 hours of Harinam daily. Millions of people came to London to see the Olympics and the best way to celebrate such an event was to sing and dance. There was threats of terrorists and bombs, and we were attacked on Oxford Street by right wing muslims, luckily the police made the arrests and once again Lord Chaitanya's party remain victorious.

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Here are a few pictures of our Sunday program held on July 1 at Prachin Janambhumi in Mathura. Rajasuya das gave a lecture on Prahlada Maharaj, we had a communal round of japa chanting, and we distributed prasadam. An incredible Sunday. Hare Krishna.

For more pictures, you can view our Facebook page for the event. Other information on ISKCON Vrindavan's Mathura project is at the Mathura Facebook page.