ISKCON Prison Ministry needs your help
by Shyama Priya dasi
Posted December 1, 2002

The ISKCON prison ministry has been helping interested persons in prison to find out about Krsna and to receive books, tapes, japa beads, neckbeads and other related items for over 15 years. We correspond with inmates to answer their questions regarding Krsna Consciousness and encourage them to chant and study Srila Prabhupada's books. Many inmates have altars set up in their cells and chant 16 rounds daily, some are even inituated while in prison. Many inmates have special vegetarian diets provided by the institution. At times we have even visited the inmates and put on programs. Some prisons allow clubs or gatherings for devotees to chant and read together. The ministry is all around the world, but we deal with the inmates in the US mostly.

Books, Back to Godhead magazines and tapes are donated by different devotees, but with our increasing lists of names we need help with postage. If you've ever experienced incarceration or know someone who has or just know how wonderful it is to give Srila Prabhupadas books, which bring the light of knowledge into one's life, then please help. We are writing inmates daily, but we have books already packaged sitting by the door ready to go out and we need postage money, due to the recent increase of requests, our shipping has tripled. If you desire to help with a $5-$10 pledge per month, we could have enough to send out all the books,we only need about $100. altogether per month, we receive no other funding, accept through donations and our workers are volunteers. Thank you.

Please contact Mother Shyama Priya, 4455 Quince St. #A, San Diego, CA 92105. (619) 501-4602, E-mail