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We are a devotional family of 3 looking for a accommodations and some devotional time together with people living in Southern Europe. We will be traveling through Italy, France and Spain this July- August and would love to meet and spend some time with easy going and inspiring association. We will have car and open to visiting other countries and communities.

We are disciples of HH Radhanath Swami since 2001 in good standing, love kirtan, music, painting and being with children.

We are living in San Francisco, California and would like to invite those interested in exchange visit next year.

Please contact us at: anantago [at] gmail [dot] com

Hare Krishna and Aloha, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga! Looking for good association, service connection and friends in Hawai'i. I will be moving back to the Big Island in April and am needing to connect with the devotees on the island. I lived on the Big Island back in 2007 and that is actually where I was introduced to Krsna Consciousness, so it is a very special place to me. I am single and in my mid twenties. I'm interested in meeting devotees and possibly collaborating on projects together, be they preaching, kirtan, agricultural, etc. By Krsna's mercy I have the following skills I can offer: organic farming including Hawai'ian-style permaculture and fruit trees (used to operate a CSA in the mainland), organic gardening, prasadam prep, editing, preaching projects (aspiring kirtaniya and lecturer), and many other practical type things. I would be especially interested in living with devotees in some sort of devotionally-oriented arrangement, perhaps work-trade or for a small rent. I live very simply, eat healthy, practice Ayurveda and by Krsna's mercy follow all four regs closely with daily sadhana. If any devotees out there in Hawai'i are kind enough to contact me and introduce themselves I would be most grateful and perhaps we could meet in May. I need the association of sincere devotees and by Krsna's mercy I have something to offer back. Please contact me at healandserve@gmail dot com. Mahalo and Hare Krsna!

Roommate Wanted
by Kyra Arena
Posted June 27, 2011

I'm looking for vegetarian roomate to share rent in beautiful brand new apartment in detached home on 8 acres, private road, in Alachua, 1mile from main street. Apartment features: two bedrooms, new wood floors, tiled kitchen and HUGE bathroom, washer, dryer, dishwasher, screened in patio, windows throughout, ceiling fans in every room, central air and heat, french doors opening to grassy freedom! Tire swings in yard! Beautiful window treatments, large roomy closets, screened in patio perfect for warm mornings, four entrances and great energy!

Please respond only if serious, I will respond promptly. Free wifi and direct tv. Available July 1st.

Come engage in the service of SriSri Radhe Shyamsundara, SriSri Gaura Nitai, & beautiful Krsna Balarama

Contact Kyra: 786-260-3138 or Kyra (dot) RNS (at) gmail.com

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I would like to submit an article/announcement.

I am an independent devotee, not affiliated with ISKCON, looking for like minded association in the Southern Connecticut area.

It would be wonderful to find devotees interested in gathering for kirtans and prasadam. We could also listen to Prabhupada's lectures and discuss.

Please contact me at paul.diglio@sbcglobal.net.

Thank you,

Prayag das

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My wife Sudha 61, and I (Kirit T Goradia 63), presently residing at Mumbai, would like to settle in Vrindavan for next 10 years till our health permits and carry on Krishna seva while earning our livelihood. Sudha is a housewife and has run the house for last 40 years since we married. Our son Uday 35 yrs is in the US with his family, Sweta 33 and son Ravi 6 and Uma 4, working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sudha is a staunch follower and devotee of Lord Krishna and looking forward to opportunities to serve poor, small girls, serve cows and looking forward to learn spiritual adhyatmic lessons from learned people.

We look forward to working with ashram staying there and serving devotees to best of our abilities. We are bania kapol caste gujarati and staunch vege

We can meet you at Vrindavan in July as we plan to be in Vrindavan for one to two weeks. If you want us to meet you at small ashram we can do so.