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Vrndavan Hospice Patient Needs Your Help ASAP

by Yadunandana Pada Dasa and Sita-Rama d.d.

Posted October 19, 2006

A dear Vaishnava family here in Vrndavan Dhama is currently in need of assistance from the greater Vaishnava community. Lalita Devi is known as a sweet devotee who has the wonderful service of making flower garlands, raising two children, and caring for her husband and household. Some may know her as the wife of Premanidhi Dasa, who takes on the service of being in charge of visa matters for those who take shelter of the Dhama. These wonderful devotees share important services while living quite austerely. Consequently, they do not have much Laxmi, especially when it comes to unexpected expenses...

Recently, Lalita Devi has been diagnosed with a form of uterine hypertrophy (an enlarged uterus). The local physicians have informed us that she musthave a total hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus). Furthermore, without such removal, this condition can be life threatening. Hence, on short notice, Lalita prabhu has successfully undergone this operation on October 9 th. She is now in recovery and will remain in the hospital for at least a week following surgery.

The total cost for the surgery itself is 30,000 rupees (~675.00USD) of which the temporary hospice here in Vrindavan has been able to pay 15,000 rupees of the costs (made possible by your previous contributions). Realistically, Lalita prabhu will not be able to resume all of her regular activities for at least 10 weeks. Therefore, in order to avoid post operative complications prolong her condition, this family will also need laxmi in order to pay someone to help juggle their household duties.

Since payment is due soon, any expedient assistance from any devotee to help pay for the other half of the surgery costs, as well as the recovery costs, will be greatly appreciated. Whether you can cover the entire cost or just donate whatever pocket change you may have, this family, and devotee community in general, will truly benefit from your compassionate contributions.

Please make any small, one-time donation ($1, $5, $12, $27, $47), or any other larger donation this month to the Temporary Vrndavan Hospice and Infirmary and we will route the funds to this family in need. Please also consider pledging a small amount each month as our Hospice/Infirmary program in Vrndavan has proven to be successfully serving many devotees in need, but it is also growing and the expenses are growing. Please log on to and make a small donation or monthly pledge. Currently we collect around $500 each month from around 30 small monthly pledges. This laxmi goes to cover the rental of a facility apartment at the MVT, hire a nurse/caretaker, and purchase necessary medical supplies. We also give funds towards small procedures and operations that the members of the dhama may require. Please help Lalita Devi and her family at this hour of need.