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Web Design Help Needed

by Garuda dasa (jr, from florida)

Posted October 14, 2008

Dear Assembled devotees,

I am needing help putting together a simple web-page. I've been a tireless preacher for ISKCON for 20 years and am in need of a professional web-page builder. The page will be very simple and straight forward. I can email you the schematic written in simple terms, easy to understand. It's a no-frills site.

Most of my preaching has been at the the American Rainbow Gatherings and I have a simple plan to expand that preaching into cyberspace. Please read some of the articles on Chakra under my name and let me know if you can help a "woodsy" servant of the devotees with this for free. Please email me if you are expert and have the time and inclination to get it started and finished right away- for the pleasure and service of their lordships SRI SRI GAURA-NITAI!

Your servant,
Garuda dasa (jr, from florida)