Chakra Announcements

Help Urgently Needed At Gita Nagari

by Ortrun Gates

Posted October 4, 2008

Dhruva maharaja das has recently sent out an urgent appeal to everyone to help with various chores at Gita Nagari. Please click the link below for the full listing. Click Here

#2 on the list = Mahacleanup of the kitchen and storage room. We have two dates scheduled for this. On Saturday, October 4th (I know this is short notice, but I thought some of you could make it) and Saturday, October 18th. I am attaching a link for photos so that you can see the extend to which the kitchen and storage room need help.

I suppose it would be best to arrive with cleaning equipment such as mop, bucket, rags, some sort of cleaner, scrub brushes, oven cleaner, etc. Maybe this first time on the 4th will serve as a jumping off point to better assess what else needs to be done. Eventually, the kitchen has to be painted and a new floor is needed.

# 4 on the list = some wood has been collected already and Dhruva has been working on setting up pallets on which to stack the wood once it has been split. Isvari Pati, who helped recently thinks they gathered a 1 month supply on September 20th. Obviously more wood is needed for the ashrama inhabitants to survive the winter.

The other points on the list are self explanatory. Some tasks would obviously be more suited to those folks who live close-by, while others could be managed by those of you who live further away if you can spare a Saturday. Please call Dhruva maharaja das at 717-527-4101 if you are able to help with any of these tasks.

Also, Nanda Kishore has been living at Gita Nagari far longer than he and his family in Alachua expected him to while he has been working on the Bramacari house and of late, the men's bathroom. Seems he opened a "pandora's box" when he tried to remove the floor, which was rotten and moldy. I am certain that he would welcome any kind of help at any time during the week or on Saturday. He has been laboring mostly by himself.

The garden needs to be "put to bed" for the winter. I was there yesterday and picked many tomatoes that were still green for ripening in the basement. Peppers are still to be harvested as is red cabbage and brussel sprouts.

M. Kaulini is still very much under the weather and is unable to do any work at all. She told me that she dresses the deities in the morning but that is the extend of her abilities at this time. She is taking medication and needs to rest quite a bit so that she can get better.

M. Jaganatha has taken over the cooking tasks that were generally performed by M Kaulini. Everyone at Gita Nagari is stretched very thin at this time, especially Dhruva, who appears to be be doing the job of 5 people. The need for help is truly urgent. Please find some time to lend a hand.

I am sure that I am leaving something or someone out. Please forgive me if I did.