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Vrndavan Hospice & Infirmary Thanks You

by Yadunandana Pada Dasa

Posted November 9, 2006

News from Vrndavan:

"Lalita Devi is doing much better; she had a few complications but as of November 2nd she has begun to recover. She is very thankful to all our donors, and wants them to know that she keeps them all in her heart."-*Pria Sakhi dd*. On Behalf of Lalita Devi, we wish to thank those devotees who came through for her and her family, at their time of need. Last month by your grace, through a series of small donations, we collected approximately $1,500 dollars for her care. Her Grace Priya Sakhi Prabhu, our resident caretaker in charge on premises at the MVT has tended to Lalita's care and is distributing the funds accordingly. We will post details of Lalita's condition upon hearing more. Thank you all for your kind donations, on behalf of the Hospice and Lalita's Family. We also would like to thank the administration of the Krsna Balarama Mandhir for their support again---Reports are constantly coming in that the temple leadership has always been ready and able to help.

God bless all of you.

Yours in the service of the devotees,
The Vrndavan Hospice & Infirmary