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An Appeal To All ISKCON Temple Shop Managers

by Syamacandra das

Posted May 17, 2006

Special Charity CD for Aiding ISKCON Projects in Germany and Austria

For over eight years now, the ISKCON German-Austrian yatra has been struggling with a severe financial crisis. The crisis was the consequence of the sudden and unexpected illness and subsequent resignation of the then GBC zonal secretary in 1998, who left the yatra with a debt of almost one million Euros.

The resultant devastation was not only in the financial realm but it also manifest in the spiritual, emotional and social spheres. The yatra leaders came up with a comprehensive restoration plan; as part of that, they declared a formal state of emergency. They received official endorsement and support from the international GBC body for the restoration plan and for the declaration of emergency.

After one year of intense effort, we can now say that, by Krishna's mercy, our debt has been encouragingly reduced. We have had some significant success. At the same time, a great deal remains to be done. With the help of devotees worldwide, we are now trying to resolve the remaining problems. That is why we are sending this letter to every devotee in charge of every ISKCON temple gift shop, large or small.

In southern Germany, near the ancient Bavarian city of Passau, stands the world's only temple outside India exclusively dedicated to the worship of Lord Nrisimhadeva. During our last Nrisimha Caturdasi festival in Simhacalam

in 2005, hundreds of devotees gathered together to glorify the Lord and to pray for the protection of our yatra during a very intense and ecstatic Nama Yajna. This event was nicely recorded by our devotees. Later, we selected the very best bhajans out of the sessions and put them on a double CD (80 minutes each). On these CDs you can hear the Holy Name sung by devotees like

H.H. Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, H.G. Krishna Ksetra Prabhu, H.H . Sacinandana Maharaja, H.G. Gopinatha Prabhu and many others. They are available for sale now and are meant to help raise funds for our yatra.


We suggest that each temple shop--not only in Europe but also in America and Australia--take 10 double-CD sets for 20 Euros each; add 20 Euros for postage, the total comes to 220 Euros. This would be an enormous help for our yatra.

Now you may think this is too expensive to make a profit for your shop. That may be true, but neither will you have any loss. Over and above all, you are doing a great service for our beloved Lordships Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, Sri Sri Prahlad Lakshmi Nrismhadeva and Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan, Whose temples in Germany are still in a very precarious situation.

In Germany, a normal CD sells for around 15 Euros in the temple shops and a double CD between 25 and 30 Euros. We are sure that you can sell them quite easily if you produce a little extra propaganda within your shop or temple, explaining briefly that the money goes to saving temples and communities in Germany and Austria. If you tell them about the quality of the music and who is singing on the CDs, we are sure that you will get your well-invested money back very quickly.

If you live in a country where single CDs are sold in shops for much less than 10 Euros, then please write us, and we will try to make an appropriate price for you.

Thank you very much for reading this letter. We are hoping very much for your participation.

Your humble servants in the mission of Srila Prabhupada
Ravindra Svarupa dasa (GBC for the German-Austrian Yatra)
Dina Sharana devi dasi (Euro GBC deputy for the German-Austrian Yatra)

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