Chakra Announcements

Gita Nagari Fire

by Kaulini dasi

Posted May 8, 2008

There was a fire that burned down the wood shed at Gita nagari on the day of the Festival of Jagannatha Misra. By Sri Sri Radha Damodara's Mercy no one was harmed. This building housed the wood stove that heated the Temple and ashram. We are fortunate that the weather is warming up, yet heat is definitely still needed for the Deities and Devotees. The temperatures fall into the 20's and 30's during the night and mornings. We will be having the boiler unit near the kitchen inspected with maintenance provided prior to using it as the back up temporary source of heat. We are also involving the expertise of Nanda Kishore prabhu from Alachua (who will be in Gita nagari on March 31) and other devotees in developing a new plan for providing heat . This plan will include a financial estimate detailing the project. We are very grateful for the outpouring of support through emails, phone calls, donations and most of all your prayers.

To offer support please go to On the website donations can be made by paypal or checks sent to ISKCON Gita nagari, RR 1 Box 839, Port Royal, Pa. 17082, ATTENTION FIRE FUND.

Any questions please call Kaulini dasi at 717-527-4101