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Your Local Temple Health Care And Hospice

by Yadunandana Pada Dasa

Posted May 1, 2006

Service to the devotees is *the* highest service.

Just an hour of your time each month can establish and maintain a health care and hospice program for the devotees of your local temple, to whom each of us are indebted for their services to the Lord and to this movement. THE GOOD NEWS: A GBC-established committee for addressing the health care needs of temple devotees has created a non-profit clinic for the devotees in Miami, with another soon to follow in Atlanta, and beyond. (Progress can be seen at: Click Here)

THE BAD NEWS: Until those programs reach your city, there is no established health care program for the devotees. Although temples may afford doctor visits, catastrophic care is still non-existent!

WE HAVE A PRACTICAL SOLUTION exemplified by the existing and successful Temporary Vrindavan Hospice program ( The Hospice program collects small donations from many donors on a *monthly* basis and has, in the last year, been able to assist seven (7) devotees in need of hospice, funerary, and medical services.

YOU CAN NOW DO THIS FOR YOUR TEMPLE (very easily): 1-3 volunteers from each temple community will learn our simple, easy program, which is carried out primarily over the internet and is mostly automated by We will help you set up everything, and we will be available for support or advice.

WHAT YOU WILL DO: [between one (1) hour to three (3) hours *per month* (tops) for one person]

  1. You will approach potential donors in your congregation via email, phone, announcements, in person, letters, etc., and ask them to sign up for a small monthly subscription donation, of $5, $12, $27, etc., through with their credit or debit card.
  2. You handle all funds which remain in the PayPal account until you give PayPal instructions to distribute the funds. You record each incoming donation from your email unto the online spreadsheet, which we provide for you.
  3. Finally, you will need to find a local insurance broker for a premium health plan that covers catastrophic hospitalization as well as some general care, and then sign up those who qualify as full time temple devotees. I can help you with this action item as well.

Please contact me and I will get you started

Sincerely and with a twig between my teeth,

Your friend and servant,
Yadunandana Pada Dasa