Chakra Announcements

The Age of Kali Zine At the Rainbow Gathering

by Bhakta John C.

Posted June 19, 2006

This year the ISKCON San Diego devotees are going to help with Krishna Camp at the National Rainbow Gathering in Colorado.

I am collecting donations for the printing of The Age of Kali Zines to be distributed at the events which attracts 40,000 spiritual seekrs. This event attracts people who are disenfrachised with the materialistic ways of modern society and are looking for spiritual alternatives.

The Age of Kali Zine can help them, because that is what is designed for.

So anyone who would like to contribute a donation no matter how big or small can go to the home page of my site and click the donation button to be directed to the secure Paypal donation site.

go here and look for the donation button >>

%100 of the donations go to printing zines to be handed out at the event. People that donate will also get the new editions of The Age of Kali Zine # 7 just hot off the press !

This is a fully authorized ISKCON San Diego Project. Our brahmachari ashrama is all going to attend the Gathering and we want to distribute these booklets which were especially made for this kind of crowd. I am trying to get a minimun of $150 to print about 300-400 booklets, but the more the better. We can provide accounting to the donors also.

Thank you very much for your support!