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Devotee in Kenya Needs Help

by Krsna devi dasi

Posted June 17, 2008

Dear Devotees,

I was born and brought up in a very poor family, where even obtaining food was a problem. One by one all of my family members died of some unpredictable diseases. After I was left alone and could not support myself since I was only eight years old at that time. So I ended up being a street boy in one of the Kenya's big towns, Kisumu.

A year later I was picked by a devotee whose name was Krishna Mayi. She took me to her school in Kisumu which she opened to support the orphans.This school was called Little Gokul. This is where I learned about Krishna and became a devotee. Unfortunately the school was closed down due to financial problems and mismanagement. I could not make it to stay at the Temple after the school was closed down.

Due to Post Election Violence in Kenya {I hope you've heard about the tribal war in Kenya}, which affected me so much. The friends I was living with were slaughtered alive.....Krishna was on my side that I managed to survive unhurt. I'm still a High School student. But I cannot go to school because of lack of fees. I have nowhere to stay permanently and sometimes I go for a period of time without food, starving. Please, please, please I beg you, dear Vaisnavas, help me. Please kindly search for some solutions to help me in any way you can.

I only want to continue my school. My heart breaks that I am unable to do so. Life is very hard here in Kenya and I think it's better to beg than to steal. So here I am, begging you to please find it deep in your heart to help me and Krishna shall bless you. It's not possible to understand spiritual knowledge if you are illiterate. It's good to go to school and learn something.

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