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A Devotee By Bicycle

by Aprakrita dasa

Posted June 7, 2008

Here is a rather special project. There are various ways to spread Krishna Consciousness, but you will find here one nothing but ordinary.

Indeed, from June 15, I am planning to travel by bike in order to preach this philosophy through the province of Quebec, specially in a very touristic region called "Les Laurentides". I will go alone for a bike ride of about 350 kilometers, and of course another 350 kilometers for the way back. But I will do the way back in part by bicycle and in part by bus. This is not a trip for pleasure, but only for preaching purposes. On the left side, you can see a portion of the journey on the map. About sixty kilometers of the whole trip are not represented here.

I'm leaving with a small trailer at the rear of the bicycle to carry all that I need for the journey. On the back of the trailer there will be, highly visible, the website address I will not go unnoticed because I will be dressed in traditional costume. Most newspapers and some radio stations will be notified of my trip through their region. Thus there will be a possibility of having several interviews and publicise the message of this philosophy. During these interviews, I will give the website address. Anyway this address will be more than visible on the trailer. This will make possible for more people to know us better. Almost nobody in this remote region have ever seen a devotee. Perhaps the devotees can be seen on television, but rarely live . This will be a big surprise for the majority of them.

During this trip I will visit some Krishna friends who receive the Newsletter. They are waiting for me and they are very happy me to come. It is very encouraging.

That's why I'm kindly requesting your help today. For this trip, I need several items such as a trailer, some banners to display the website address, a sleeping bag, a tent, some clothes printed with the website address, a first aid kit, some tools for emergency repairs of the bicycle, a bicycle helmet, some food, some money for the camping fees and some other accessories for the journey. The overall cost will be about $1000-$1200. Be assured that Krishna will never forget the assistance you can offer to help me in this preaching project.

It is planned to make a video on the trip when I'll be back.

You can make a donation by clicking on this button (Paypal):

or by sending it to this address:

Les Ami(e)s de Krishna
3990 St-Andre #174
Montreal, Quebec
H2L 3W1

Any donation, regardless of the amount, will be greatly appreciated.