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Transcribing Machine

by Kevin Gagnier

Posted June 7, 2007

At the kind invitation of Mahavishnu Maharaj, I travelled to Africa in November of last year to join the east African travelling festival. I spent nine years of my childhood there - having left in 1979.

Festivals were held at schools, hindu temples and park grounds. I would set up a table selling Prabhupada's books in English. In Tanzania, unfortunately few people speak english. We would show an introductory movie on Krishna consciousness which would cause a crowd to gather in no time. Some of the videos had a Hindi soundtrack, but nothing in Swahili for the local people.

I contacted Nrsimhananda prabhu at ITV about having voice overs done in Kiswahili. It would cost between $600-700 to alter the soundtrack of the 52 minute production of Your Ever Well Wisher.

Nrsimhananda is assisted by devotees and by so doing is able to keep his costs down.

The first step in having this done involves transcribing the sound track before submitting it to a devotee in Kenya for translation. From there, the studio work can be done in either Kenya or Tanzania before being sent to Los Angeles for final work. The devotee in Kenya who is qualified for doing this is a disciple of HH Mahavishnu Swami who has so far translated four of Srila Prabhupada's books from English into Kiswahili. He does translation work for Cambridge University from time to time.

If anyone has a transcribing machine they no longer use would they please contact me.

Thank you.
kevin gagnier