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Tuition Assistance Needed for Boy Born in Mayapur

by Gaura-Nitai das

Posted July 12, 2008

For the last five years or so our school in Mayapur (SMIS) have had a very special student in our school. This boy, named Prakash, was born right across the street from the Yogapitha (the appearance place of Gauranga Mahaprabhu). His father helped build Srila Prabhupada's Samadhi and has performed many other services for the community. Prakash has had the opportunity to attend our school for the last five years only because of the financial sponsorship from a generous well wisher. He is a very bright student, well liked among the students and has a pleasant demeanor. Unfortunately, the sponsor is no longer able to continue the sponsorship. We are trying to find a sponsor or sponsors so that he continue his academic, social and spiritual education with us . If we do not find a sponsor soon then he will have to go elsewhere for his education. He has strong desire to stay here with his friends and well wishing teachers. So if you would like to do some service for one of Mayapur's dhamabasi's please let us know. The tuition is very reasonably priced. The approximate fees are as follows (note-The immediate need is to provide for at least the day schooling $60/monthly; he desires to joing the ashram but the regular schooling finds is needed ASAP):


Rs 2200/USD $60 day school fees

Rs 4400/USD $115 for ashram (provides room and board, many extracurricular activities, good association and guidance)

If you would be willing to help with his tuition or would like more information please write to me at or you can contact the school directly at e-mail: Phone (03472) 245 363. Funds can be sent in any number of ways from paypal, mailed check, bank transfer etc. etc.

I have written a few articles about our school on my blog at and the schools website is Additionally I can send some pictures and/or direct correspondence from Prakash.