Chakra Announcements

Thanks From Uruguay

by Sevananda Hari das

Posted January 20, 2008

Thanks to all the devotees that wrote to us blessing us and wanting to know more about the project here in Uruguay.

Our plan is to rent a place that cost 500 dollars per month, and we are going to pay that each month selling prasadam , books and incense stick in the front of the place.

We are receiving beautiful murtis from India of lord Gauranga and Nityananda after Gaura Purnima.

The only problem we have is that to make the rent contract we need to make a bank deposit of 3000 dollars, what means 6 months of rent, and we donīt have all that money.

We are making a international campaign to inform the situation here in Uruguay, as we are a third world country, we really need help to do it.

Thanks to all the devotees that have send their contributions by WESTERN UNION.

If any of you want to contribute, you can send the money to Sebastian Coitino in Montevideo, Uruguay. If you have any questions, you can send me an email to