Chakra Announcements

B. T. Swami Health Grants

by Murari Gupta Das

Posted January 16, 2006

The B. T. Swami Health Grants requires the following information to be submitted with a request for funds. Devotees who have submitted applications previously need not resubmit applications unless an update or completion of information is required. The selection process has begun as of Jan 1, 2006 and will conclude on Feb. 25, 2006. Please forward applications to all of the following persons.

VrajaLila Devi Dasi

Cintamani Devi dasi

Murari Gupta Das


Legal Name

Spiritual Name

Marital Status


Date of Initiation          Guru

Current Mailing Address

Phone          Home          Cell


Devotional Service

Current Health Status

Proposed Utilization of Grant Money

Amount Requested

Medical Documentation

Name, address, e-mail, phone of Physician, Health Practitioner, or Hospital that can document your diagnosis.

Recommendations from three prominent spiritual authorities or personalities who know of your case and also feel that you should receive a grant.