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Serving Vrindavana: a Very Successful Program

by Urmila devi dasi

Posted February 24, 2007

If you want to improve the situation for Vrindavana's ecology, cows, bulls, and local residents, there is a fantastic program you can support or join. It is so simple it has no official name other than "Bullock Cart Preaching." The heart of the program is a traveling bullock cart with a handful of devotees who give out prasadam and books to the residents of the Vrindavana area, along with showing nightly puppet shows and movies. The books include a Brijbasi language explanation of how to treat the environment and cows. The movies include documentaries on cow protection. The cart has solar panels that allow the devotees to charge batteries without petrol. What results are they having? Villages are increasing kirtana, especially of the mahamantra. The biggest change is in schools, where the program targets its main efforts. A school in Madhuvan is planting trees, and other schools are changing the way they teach about cow care. But the present program has only five devotees and operates just two months a year. To see the program in action, watch the movie at:

The director, Parasuram Prabhu, would like to expand to a full twelve-month program. They need 1000 (British pounds) a month to distribute books to schools, or twice that for large scale book distribution. It costs 1200 a month for prasadam distribution. Villagers feed the bullocks so their maintenance is covered. He would also welcome anyone who could create more books to educate Brijbasis on returning to their glorious culture of care for the dhama, the cows, and bulls. Those who are interested in helping create more movies-a big draw in the small villages where everyone comes to watch-are also welcome. Please contact Parasuram dasa at or +44(0)79464208827 to offer your help in whatever way you can give it. Surely Radharani will be pleased if we serve Her abode and its residents, as well as its dust.

Your servant, Urmila devi dasi