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Prison Preaching Needs Help

by Bhakta Jerry

Posted December 11, 2005

In 1962 Srila Prabhupada wrote as one of the goals in the prospectus for his proposed League of Devotees (the precursor to ISKCON): "To take charge of moral upliftment by spiritual process even for the criminals and prisoners of state, and to accept all kinds of help and facilities from the police and government concerned."

The ISKCON Prison Ministry is engaged in spreading the message of Lord Caitanya's mercy to the most fallen souls in this age of Kali. Almost 1,000 inmates across the United States alone receive japa beads, newsletters, Srila Prabhupada books and other devotional items. Inmates have a hard struggle, not only managing their karma, but also trying to take the first steps in devotional service. IPM is their strength in this time of need.

Please help us to continue this nice program. We need financial donations, devotional books and postage stamps, as well as the help of devotees to write to inmates. If you are interested in helping this important ministry, please contact Bhakta Jerry, or Shyama Priya dasi at