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Radhe Syam's Pujari In Vrndavan Needs Help

by Yughadharma dasa

Posted December 8, 2005

In Vrndavana, there sits a sadhu who is losing his eye sight because of a faulty monster monitor. His name is Bhaktisiddhanta dasa, and he has been serving Radha Shyamasundar for the last 28 years as Their morning pujari. Because he has strictly taken a vow of poverty in order to serve Them, he is unable to get another monitor or laptop. Such items allow him to continue his service of deity worship, which includes writing and doing graphics for future books. If you are upgrading to a new computer, please contact Bhakti's godbrother, Yugadharma, at, to donate money, or computer equipment. Any help he receives will aid him in his service in Vrindaban? He is having trouble with everything he does, because his eyes are sensitive to strong light and they tire fast. Due to this sensitivity, he is unable to use a computer for more than a couple minutes at a time. This is a standard problem with those who use these archaic monster monitors. Bhakti will appreciate any help given. Yughadharma is willing to help collect donations and equipment to take to India in early January.