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BBT Swahili Translator Needs Sponsor

by Kevin Gagnier

Posted August 19, 2007

Haridas Pandit das, a Tanzanian disciple of HH Mahavishnu Swami with over 30 years of experience in book publishing, has finished translating The Science of Self-Realization from English into Kiswahili. In addition to having translated a few pamphlets, he has already translated four books of Srila Prabhupada. From time to time he does translation work for Cambridge University.

Knowing that many people in Africa are not in a position to read or buy books, we feel that an effective way to preach there is through the medium of film.

Last year while on the East African travelling festival I saw firsthand an enthusiastic response to Krishna-conscious films. However, most people are unable to understand the English-language soundtrack.

I have spoken with Yadubara and Visakha prabhus, who will be sending me the narration transcription of Your Ever Well-Wisher and The World of Hare Krishna. Once I have these transcriptions I can forward them to Haridas Pandit prabhu in Tanzania for translation. The next stage involves doing voice-overs in Kiswahili before sending them to Iskcon Television in Los Angeles for the final stages of production.

The service given by Haridas Pandit prabhu calls for a lot of time and dedication. This leads to him not having sufficient time to provide for his three young children.

I am wondering if any devotees are in a position to sponsor Haridas Pandit prabhu so that he may continue with this vital service. I hope some devotees who are sympathetic to the situation can respond accordingly.

if anyone has any concerns or questions they may be forwarded to Mahavishnu Maharaj.