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Temporary Vrindavan Hospice Is a Success

by Bhaktin Rebecca Das, Pria Sakhi dd

Posted August 18, 2006

We are happy to report that the Temporary Vrindavan Hospice continues serving devotees in Vrindavan, now with an official apartment facility. With the help of Mother Daivisakti Prabhu, we secured an apartment at the MVT building of the Krishna-Balarama Mandir and officially moved in on July first. We have an assortment of medical and first aid supplies from last year and have procured a blood pressure machine, painkillers, anti-nausea medicine, and adult diapers, among other things. We will soon be buying the ever needed hospital bed for which we have already gathered the needed funds by the grace of our 'Angel' monthly donors. There are still some supplies that need to be bought (we will soon post a list of needed items), still our doors are open for both hospice care and basic infirmary first aid needs. Our new full time caretaker/coordinator, Priya Sakhi d.d., has already been tending to such things as various small accidents, boils, and digestive problems, as well as helping to care for a boy with hepatitis and a devotee recovering from an operation.

The Temporary Vrindavan Hospice project was set up to take care of an immediate need for hospice care in Vrindavan, until such time as the planned permanent facility is opened (Giriraj Swami's project). We have added to our offerings basic first aid care for any devotee in the area, but we do remain committed to providing 24-hour psychological, physical, and emotional care to devotees spending their final days in Vrindavan, as well as support for their loved ones and help with the legal issues associated with passing on in Vrindavan. If you or someone you know would be interested in working with the Temporary Vrindavan Hospice, please contact For further information or to make a monetary contribution (tax-deductible), please go to and scroll down to the Hospice information box. Further transparent accountability and a monthly journal will be available on the web soon.

If you have not already begun a monthly subscription donation of $1, $5, or $12 per month to this greatly needed humane effort for our devotees, please find it in your heart to join us by making a monthly pledge contribution at

This project is NOT politically affiliated, and we look forward to working with and serving many wonderful devotees, regardless of political, philosophical, or other views. Let's help those who have given their lives to Lord Caitanya's mission pass away as comfortably and as Krishna conscious as possible - together, we can do it!

Your servants at Temporary Vrndavan Hospice,
Bhaktin Rebecca Das
Pria Sakhi dd