Chakra Announcements

Devotee Student Seeks Assistance

by Ganga-gati dasi

Posted August 5, 2008

My daughter Shantipur is happy to have been accepted as a student at the Bhaktivedanta College at Radhadesha in Belgium this September. The college has granted her a partial scholarship, and she is working at a devotee business to raise laksmi. She is in need of further assistance. She requires warm winter clothing, a laptop computer, travel and general-maintenance laksmi, and she also hopes to come home at least once to attend her childhood friend's wedding.

Our family is experiencing financial reversals at the moment, so I'm seeking assistance from the devotees to help Shanti go to school. She is very intelligent, talented and interested in Krsna consciousness. She has attended Gurukulas, done nice devotional service and would like to study Krsna consciousness and Srila Prabhupada's books in the association of advanced devotees.

If anyone can help Shanti attend Radhadesha this fall, please send a donation to: Sharon Day (her legal name) or Elizabeth Day (my legal name), P.O. Box 1844, Alachua, Florida 32616. Thank you so much!