Chakra Announcements

Seva Opportunities for ISKCON Prison Ministries

by Bhakta Jerry

Posted August 3, 2008

Database development - Currently we have a database that is not very functional. We need someone with more db management experience to create a db to keep track of inmates, books shipped, donations, etc. The db should be able to print invoices for shipments and labels which will require knowledge of VBA. If possible, it would be nice to bring the db online using ASP.

Administrator of correspondence courses - Prior to Mukta Kesa Prabhu's departure in 2007, he was administering many correspondence courses to inmates including Bhagavad-gita (several different levels), Coming Back, Science of Self-Realization, etc. IPM has not been able to continue this necessary service since Mukta Kesa's departure. This service can be done comfortably from your home and is a great opportunity to dive deeper into Srila Prabhupada's books and allow others to do the same.

Book donations - We need cases of hardbound Bhagavad-gitas and a case of Coming Back.

Administrative Services - We are on a quest to send letters to every prison librarian and chaplain in the Unites States offering them a set of Srila Prabhupada's books. We have mailed about 10 states so far with a nice response. We are in need of a devotee, or devotees, to extract addresses of prisons from websites and put them into a spreadsheet. From this spreadsheet we can do the mail merge to send letters to the prison.

If anyone is interested in these services please feel free to contact bhakta Jerry at 773 808-1438 or