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Travellng Preacher; Musician, Artist & Storyteller Seeks Hosts In the Usa

by Garuda dasa (jr)

Posted April 17, 2006

Dear assembled devotees, I am taking the next 10 months off to travel and share Krishna consciousness through an amazing presentation of music, art and storytelling, all aimed at glorifying the potential found in Lord Chaitanya's mercy. For the last 17 years I've been in good standing and have been steadily buildng this ecstatic presentation through my yearly schedule of travelling to non-ISKCON festivals, and now I am shifting gears to open the program to this suffering world by going from town to town, and for a longer time. My needs are simple, just an enthusiastic host, a little help with gas, and a possible venue. It's not a problem for me to secure a venue and advertise the whole event. Once a venue is secure, we can promote it for a few days to a week and "poof" a wondeful KC event for the benefit of your local area! Also we can do outdoor devotee gatherings (campfire type stuff). Please reply, you'll be glad you did!

Please email me for information: Pictures, music, program outline, and references. Temples as well as individuals are welcome to reply. I keep everything within the scope of Srila Prabhuapda's ISKCON, but am willing to kindly work with devotees from any camp. If you cannot host, and know someone that may, please share this with them!