2003 MIHE Semester
by Janmastami das
Posted January 27, 2003

The MIHE Teachers and Administration extend a warm invitation to devotees from around the world to participate in the 4th Annual Gaura Purnima Semester of the Mayapur Institute of Higher Education (MIHE). This year 30 senior devotees will offer 28 courses in subjects ranging from uttama bhakti to cow protection to leadership and management skills to Deity worship.

Please visit our recently updated website at http://www.mayapur.org/mihe/ to examine our finalized weekly schedules and detailed course descriptions for the upcoming MIHE semester that begins on February 3rd, and to preregister for our courses.

Since MIHE teachers often limit the number of students in their courses to optimize learning, we advise students to preregister well in advance to secure seats in the courses of their choice. Preregistration gives the MIHE Administration time to prepare course materials so preregistered students will have their materials on the first day of their classes.

Our Preregistration deadline is January 28.

We are anxious to serve you during your pilgrimage to Sridhama Mayapur.

Please let us know if we can assist you in anyway before you arrive in Mayapur by writing us at mihe@pamho.net.