Satsang in Rochester, NY
by Srinivasa Batchu dasa
Posted April 6, 2003

We started satsang program in Rochester, NY with a small group of people. We
are working to get space at local Hindu Temple of Rochester so that we can
accommodate more people and have kirtan before the beautiful dieties of
Their Lordships. Yugal Kishore Dasa, a disciple of H.H.Radhanadha Swami
Maharaj is helping us to get this program up and running. I beg at the lotus
feet of devotees who can lend us a helping hand in sharing their knowledge
about Krsna consciousness, inspire the group to chant the holy names and
glories of Supreme Lord to contact me. Hari Bol.

Your servant,
Srinivasa Batchu
(585)872-4244 (Home)
(585)820-5028 (M)