Chakra Announcements

Dwarka Designs and Promotions

by Mitravinda dasi

Posted September 28, 2004

New devotee business, Dwarka Designs and Promotions has its website,

Handcrafted signature jewelry by Mitravinda dasi, and gift items from aroma burners to windchimes. How the business began sprouted out of sankirtana, the history is on the website page titled History of Dwarka.

After leaving the asrama I had to earn a living, find an occupation. I went to North Carolina and worked for a devotee, Laksmi Nrsimha Prabhu, in his jewelry store. There another devotee, Ekabuddhi dasi sold her handcrafted jewelry. Ekabuddhi will always be my craftsmith guru, her training made this possible.

I was still lacking in Vaisya skills, however, until my dearest friend and business partner, Ruhksana came in and gave training in merchant transactions. How to pay taxes is not something we learn as devotees.

The center of Dwarka Designs has been and continues to be around the glories of Vrnda devi. 99% of the customers are not familiar with Krsna Conciousness nor any aspects of India. Daily opprotunities arise where preaching is made possible.