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ISKCON Constitution Discussion

by Sita-pati das

Posted September 6, 2007

ISKCON ( is a community-initiated discussion around the 7 questions posed by the GBC Constitutional Committee.

The Constitutional Process is important, at least as important as any eventual Constitutional document. As much as creating a documented understanding on paper, it's a process of self-discovery, understanding the changing constitution or "makeup" of ISKCON.

An email exchange I viewed between Sesa das and a member of the community addressing ISKCON constitutional issues highlighted the value of public discussion around constitutional issues, and the lack of a suitable forum at the time.

I wrote to the committee to propose a site for the ISKCON community to share information and opinions on this topic.

Sesa Prabhu wrote me back and told us that such a site would be of interest to the committee members; and so here it is.

To join the conversation and voice an opinion or realization or share a submission, simply register on the site and post a comment or article. You can share your submission to the committee, if you have made one, and respond to others. You can also contribute to the conversation by ranking articles you read. Higher ranking articles are featured on the front page.

Join the conversation!

on behalf of your servants at ISKCON,
Sita-pati das