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September 2008 Membership Newsletter

by Utah Valley's Krishna Temple

Posted September 2, 2008

Festival of India
Saturday September 13th, Programs from 4 pm.

Menu of Events:

4:00 pm: Nam Hatta Band, talented musicians and vocalists from Utah, Colorado, & California.

5:00 pm: Radhika Narasinghani, student of Sudha Vasudevan, from Boise, Idaho.

5:15 pm: Shatakshi Goyal portrays in dance the story of Markandeya Rishi, as told in the Indian epic, Mahabharat.

5:30 pm Divya Narayanan will grace the India Fest with her presense.

6:00 pm: Sashi Kalaskar on sitar and & Ted Weiss on tablas.

6:30 pm: Featured Bharat Natyam Dance performer Raslila

7:00 pm: Five students from Nandita Behera's Odissi Dance School in Los Angeles will perform. Their names are Sraboni Mukherjee, Renuka Boyapalli, Monica Bhuyan, Nupur Behera, Samhitha Boyapalli, Krishty Mukherjee.

7:15 pm: Drama, The Transformation of Valmiki - a robber becomes the author of the world's greatest spiritual epic.

7:30 pm: Main Event, Pageant of the Ramayana, climaxing in the spectacular burning of 20 ft. high effigy of Ravana with flaming arrows.

9:00 pm, Mantra Rock at the Lake Stage: Vocalist, Drums, Lead and Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonica etc.

Delicious hot multi- course meals of Indian curry with home made cheese (paneer), blueberry hallava, spicy Bengali rice, and giant lentil chips (papadams) will be served throughout the evening. There will be Indian drinks such as Peach lassi, and Nimbu pani, as well as sweets and pizza for the less adventurous.

Everyone is invited to enjoy this unique and exotic event, which has been growing in public attendance year after year.

Admission is $3.00 person/$1.00 children.