Chakra Announcements

New Website

by V. P. Josh Dorta

Posted October 29, 2006

SecretJeevas Productions is pleased to announce the release of the website From the producers of the album Vishnujana Swami Vintage Recordings, this website hosts all their productions: music, art, publishing, multimedia and more.

In the music department, you will find unique bhajans,kirtans, acoustic melodies and eclectic songs. Beautiful oil paintings are found in the art department, along with artworks in other mediums. There are many pictures devotees will enjoy, including a special digital image of Srila Prabhupada playing the harmonium. The website also has downloadable audio/video and Flash presentations, including a video of Bhakti Tirtha Swami giving a special interfaith presentation on global peace.

In the publishing department, the new book The Glorious Pastimes of Srimati Sita Thakurani is featured, along with interesting writings, essays and poems. There is also an article section, which is an open forum for expressive writing.

Our online store features many products. The music section has CDs such as Vishnujana Swami Vintage Recordings and also the debut album of conscious rap artist Atma, entitled Beyond the Speed of Mind. The art section features a unique and original framed digital print of Srila Prabhupada, along with other devotional art pieces. The natural and organic health section is truly a 'secret garden' for health-conscious individuals, with products made and processed by spiritually conscious vegetarians. Here you can find herbs, essential oils, diet/herbal supplements, ayurvedic products, and natural bath and body products.

This website is especially dedicated to the youthful spirit of the Hare Krishna movement, and was conceived and created in this blissful mood. Hare Krishna. Please e-mail us: