Chakra Announcements

US Radio Program to Feature Vrindavan Soundscapes

by Karnamrita Dasi

Posted October 29, 2005

NPR Morning Edition: Monday, October 31 to Wednesday, November 2 (6 to 8 a.m.)

In collaboration with the National Geographic Society, National Public Radio (NPR) has produced three segments scheduled to air for 10 million US listeners. These broadcasts masterfully capture the glories of Vrindavan, Srimati Radharani and Her beloved Sri Krishna. Interviews feature Ranchor Prime, Padmanabha Goswami, Nandan Swami and others. The soundscapes transport listeners to early morning artik at Krishna-Balaram Mandir, bhajans at Radha-Raman Temple by Tarun Krsna Das and Karamrita dasi, darshans in Varshana, Govardhan and the Yamuna River. The sounds and feelings of Braja are expertly intact, so that the listener is drawn into the mystic mood of Braja.

During Kartik of 2003, Alex Chadwick, one of NPR's correspondents for Radio Expeditions, journeyed to Vrindavan as part of his series The Geography of Heaven. After years of hearing about Vrindavan from his friend Chris Murray of Govinda Gallery, Alex decided to venture there to experience for himself the meaning of heaven for Lord Sri Krishna's devotees. He was accompanied by his wife and NPR producer Carolyn Jensen, as well as sound engineer Flawn Williams. The team was hosted by Ramdas das (Raoul Goff) and Krishna-devata dasi (Kaitlin McComb) of Mandala Publishing, who invited devotee author Ranchor Prime and members of Gopinath Gaudiya Math to assist as guides during their stay in Braja.

Through crowded lanes and streets, they spent five days following pilgrimage paths, experiencing temple darshans and artiks, and visiting the Yamuna, Govardhan, and Varshana. Alex and Carolyn had been researching the mysteries of Braja before they arrived, but they concluded that nothing could have prepared them for the wonder of the reality of Vrindavan. They were overwhelmed by Vrindavan's magic and its atmosphere of devotion, declaring that they had never experienced anything like this in all their travels.

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