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Help Create Online Vaishnava Encyclopedia

by Gopal das

Posted October 23, 2005

The new website is now open and available for volunteer devotee contributions.

VedicWiki is the first free Gaudiya Vaishnava encyclopedia which all of us can modify. We invite you to collaborate and be part of this nice effort to spiritually enrich others and ourselves. We appreciate in advance your collaboration.

"Wiki" is an Internet term that means that anyone can go and modify any entry in the wiki site, so that many people can collaborate and create a centralized place for knowledge and information. The VedicWiki is a site dedicated entirely for Vedic and Vaishnava studies.

Never before has there been an attempt to create comprehensive English- and Spanish-language online encyclopedias of the Vedic and Vaishnava religion. Today, with the help of the Internet, this work can be done by the entire Vaishnava community.

You are invited! All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Please visit