Chakra Announcements

New Website

by Sita devi dasi and Premanidhi das

Posted November 26, 2005

We want to inform you that a new website is now online. This web page is both in English and in German. It contains different subjects such as a recipe site (Higher Taste), a kid's page (Nanda Dulal) and a possibility where devotees can introduce themselves and in that way get in contact with each other.

Actually this website has been created with the hope of establishing a place where devotees from all over the world can connect and communicate with each other. Since many devotees live far away from each other we hope that this website will provide the opportunity for more association. So far we found that already-existing forums are often reserved for certain groups or subject matters. We invite everyone who likes to practice or is practicing Krishna Consciousness.

We would be happy to hear your ideas and suggestions.