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Sri Chaitanya Dandabhanga Leela Kunj Ashram

by Kiran Das, Sri Chaitanya Dandabhanga Leela Kunj ashram, Sri Jagannath Puri, Orissa, India

Posted November 15, 2006

(The most inconceivable and supreme eternal pastime site of Lord Chaitanya).

We are for the first time trying to make an attempt to fully broadcast the glories of this great (Param) Dham of Mahaprabhu to the entire world through our First website named

The revelation of this supremely hidden eternal pastime site has marked the beginning of the most merciful age of Mahaprabhu (i.e.) the Age of Prema (Prema Yuga).

Its revelation has not only marked a beginning to a new age but it has also served as a brilliant tribute to those two great Acharyas of unlimited divine stature namely

  1. (that too, where the site was surprisingly revealed in the year 1996, during His Divine Grace’s centennial celebration)


  2. His Divine Grace Srila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaj (who had once openly predicted about this Dham’s appearance just 2 months before his final departure).

It was because of their matchless unalloyed purity that Sriman Mahaprabhu had personally chosen to make this most Merciful Dham of His, for this Age (Dandabhanga Dham), revealed under their parampara (i.e. in the parampara of ISKCON).

[There is also another saintly personality without mentioning the name of whom this presentation will remain incomplete and inadequate. The name of that personality is His Divine Grace Srila Hari Das Sen Babaji Maharaj.

He is a very old saint, 94 years old stanch brahmachari from childhood, tremendously learned in all the scriptures and a direct descendent of Srila Shivananda Sen (the eternal associate of Mahaprabhu). It was he, who had brilliantly broadcasted the glories of this great ‘Param Nitya leela Dham’ of Sriman Mahaprabhu, at the time of its revelation, after proving its genuineness through the help of scriptures (confidentially speaking, this was after he had extraordinarily and exclusively witnessed one of those rare eternal pastimes of Sriman mahaprabhu that had always been taking place here at different dimensions beyond the perceptibility of mortal vision)]

It is also the pride of ISKCON and it will remain as its pride for ever. (Because it is but the first ever supreme pastime site of the Lord sustained in the named of ISKCON)

The entire Vaishnava community is eternally indebted to Srila Gour Govinda swami Maharaj, the great transcendental seer, through whom this Dham was first revealed and then brought under the Divine parampara of His Divine Grace Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad.

It was he, who once openly predicted (in an assembly of devotees, just 2 months before his final departure) that a most inconceivable and supreme Pastime site (Dham) of the Lord would soon appear.

That incredible prediction made has now come exactly true with the revelation of this Dham.

This Ashram of ours is located at that great Dandabhanga pastime site which is in between the 2 most sacred rivers namely Bhargavi and Dandabhanga. These two rivers are accepted as the direct manifestations of Ganga and Yamuna respectively. The peninsula has also been termed as a ‘Mukta Triveni Teertha’ where the great sage Bhrigu Muni had his permanent ashram here since time immemorial.

In accordance with the Bhagavad-Gita; Bhrigu Muni is but an empowered incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna Himself. And hence, the site (at which the great sage had his permanent ashram) can never be considered as ordinary.

We are all extremely fortunate because this Dham (at which the ashram is presently situated) has just started to manifest to the entire world and we are getting that rare privilege to come in contact with it in order to render our loving services.

It was actually hidden for 500 years and for long no one had any idea about its exact geographical location.

Just like, 500 years back, no one had any idea about the geographical location of Sri Sri Radhakund. It was Sriman Mahaprabhu who, through His disciples (the 6 Go swamis), manifested it to the entire world.

The secret why Mahaprabhu didn’t desire this Dham to manifest for so long could probably be because its proper time hadn’t arrived.

According to the prophecy of Acharyas, the Prema Yuga was supposed to begin 10 years after the 500th appearance anniversary of Lord Chaitanya and from there, would last for the coming 10,000 years.

And as per calculations, that year was supposed to be the year 1996 (10 years ago).

It’s not just coincidence but we can say that it’s more of providence because this pastime site of the Lord was also discovered close to the year 1996.

If truth be told, this is but the most merciful, most inconceivably mysterious and supreme eternal Pastime site of the Lord (especially meant for Kali Yuga).

As stated in the “Sri Chaitanya Charitamrta” (Madhya Leela, Ch-5, text-158)

danda-bhanga-lila ei — parama gambhira
sei bujhe, dunhara pade yanra bhakti dhira

Translation: -

---- “This Dandabhanga pastime, of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Lord Nityananda Prabhu, is supremely deep, supremely grave and supremely hidden. Only to him, who is unflinchingly surrendered and soberly fixed at the Divine lotus feet of those two Lords [Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda], in his heart of hearts, can the immeasurable glories of this great eternal pastime be revealed.”

The words ‘parama’ and ‘dhira’, which are so significant, are never to be found together anywhere in all the unlimited pastimes of Lord Chaitanya excepting this Dandabhanga pastime.

Lord Chaitanya, who is very famously known as the ‘Prema Purushottama avatar’, remains personally present here in the form of His staff (which is non different from His own self) to freely distribute that inconceivable Prema (love of Godhead) to everybody without discrimination.

In ‘Sri Sachitanayashtakam’, we can also find Srila Sarva Bhauma Battacharya offering his prayers to that great Danda (staff) by saying----

“ …durjana kalmasha khandana dandam
tan pranamami Sri Sachi tanayam”

--- This Danda in your hand is meant to vanquish the sins accumulated in the hearts of those wicked demons. I therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto to that great holder of the Danda (Sriman Mahaprabhu).

The scriptures confirm that it is the same flute of Lord Krishna that has appeared (in this age of Kali) in the form of the staff of Lord Chaitanya.


There are many more interesting things to know providing you visit our website at The website also includes some other features such as galleries, downloads, classes on Srila Gour Govinda Maharaj, divine songs, etc.

Our Aims:

The Name of this Ashram is “Sri Chaitanya Dandabhanga Leela kunja Ashram” and its development program is mainly intended for meeting the needs of those serious and sincere hearted devotees (from all over the world) who are deeply aspiring to stay here in order to take advantage of their (rarely achieved) human lives by practicing the true principles of devotion (for attaining that ultimate Goal namely ‘Krishna Prema’).

‘Krishna Prema’ which is the supreme goal (inconceivable even on the part of great spiritual personalities such as Lord Brahmaji and Lord Shivaji) is possible to be achieved only in this particular Kali yuga (which comes once in 2000 cycles of kali yugas or a day of Brahma) that too especially in this age of Mahaprabhu which is termed as the ‘prema yuga’.

That’s why, this particular Kali Yuga, in which Krishna has Himself appeared in the form of Sriman Mahaprabhu, is called the ‘Dhanya Kali’ or the ‘most blessed Kali’.

Please try becoming instrumental to this Divine cause of the Lord.

We humbly appeal to the entire Vaishnava community to come forward and help us in sharing these activities for developing the Great Pastime site (which is your true home).

Please try to extend your help by making some small regular contributions (donations) through the website (, which will be a great service.

Even a little rendered (to this Dham) at this crucial period of time will certainly give you a lot in return and that is the truth.

Thank you very much.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and all glories to Srila Gour Govinda swami Maharaj.

In the services of the Vaisnavas, Sri Guru and Gauranga.
Your servant,
Kiran Das.
(Sri Chaitanya Dandabhanga Leela Kunj ashram,
Sri Jagannath Puri, Orissa, India) Hare Krishna!