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New Music and Lectures On!!!

by Anadi Krsna das

Posted November 14, 2003

For the pleasure of the Vaishnavas, we announce that many new music files are being posted to the "Hare Krishna Real Audio" section of the Chant and Be Happy Website ( Please visit this Website and experience the wonderful new material. Go to, click on Hare Krishna RealAudio, then click on "What's New" or "Bhajans".

Much of this music has been recorded in the burgeoning New Raman Reti community of Alachua, Florida. There are many devotees there who are keen to participate in kirtans and bhajans. Home bhajan programs are happening every week, and the Vaishnava second generation devotees hold an evening bhajan program at a devotee home every Wednesday. Everyone is invited at the home programs to lead a bhajan or two. The result is that devotees are gaining experience and ability, and are thus encouraged more and more to carry the mercy of the Holy Names to the conditioned souls through Hari Nama Sankirtana, outdoor bhajan programs, etc.

For now we are concentrating on posting Vaishnava music for listening and downloading. If you have recordings of reasonable quality and you would like to share them with the rest of the world via cyberspace, please send them to the address listed below and we will post them as soon as possible. Your original media, whether CD or tape, will be returned to you. If you send us CD recordings, they should be either CD-audio format or a high-bit-rate MP3 encoding, such as 192-kbps or higher (320-kbps is best). Encoding to a low-kbps format in Realaudio inevitably results in a certain loss of quality. If we have a good-quality recording as a starting point, the end result is acceptable for listening to over the Internet. Please allow us one to two months to return your CD recordings, and three to four months to return tapes. If we decide not to use them, we will return them sooner. We cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen mail, so make a backup copy of your recordings before sending them to us.

Although we emphasize that recordings should be of reasonable quality, anyone who has been around ISKCON for a while knows that the most loved recordings are often unprofessional in the sense that they are recorded with inexpensive equipment in a place other than a studio. We are attracted to these spontaneous recordings because they often have the full flavor and excitement of Hari Nama Sankirtana. So, if you think you have something really good, don't dwell on whether or not it's perfect - share it with us!

Please do not send us copyrighted recordings or copies of copyrighted recordings. If the recordings are copyrighted, we cannot post them without written permission from the copyright holder. We respect the legal rights of musicians. If we are not sure whether or not a recording is copyrighted, we will not post it on When you send the recording, include a written description of when and where it was recorded, and who the lead singer is. Include any other information that you think may be helpful.

We are also planning to post more ISKCON Vaishnava lectures. If you are an ISKCON devotee in good standing and you would like to have your lectures posted here, please send us your recordings. If you are the disciple or follower of such a devotee, and you want to send us recordings of your spiritual master or mentor, please seek his or her permission first. Sometimes these recordings are copyrighted by a tape ministry, and we don't want to commit any offenses by broadcasting them without permission.

Whether it is a music or lecture recording, if you have reservations about people downloading your recording but are willing to let them listen to it over the Internet, we can set things up so that visitors can only listen and not download. Please contact us for more details.

Golokera Prema-Dhana Hari Nama-Sankirtana!

Thank you very much.

Your servants,
Anadi Krsna Dasa ( and
Pancha Tattva Dasa (

Mail recordings to:

Steve McGlinn (Pancha Tattva Dasa)
P.O. Box 1956
Alachua, Florida USA 32616