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Prasadam Cooking & Offering - Internet Classes (Includes Ekadasi Cooking & Using Solar Energy)

by Achyuta Krishna dasa

Posted May 10, 2008

"BhaktiStudies" welcomes you to free "Prasadam cooking & offering" classes over the internet. Learn at your pace and at your time. The course delivery method will be like the ongoing Sanskrit Level 1 course. For course details please visit

Tentatively the course contents are:

  1. About Prasadam
  2. Why eat Prasadam
  3. Why offer Prasadm
  4. How to Offer Prasadam
  5. Why no meat, fish, eggs, onion & garlic
  6. What to eat/not to eat on Ekadasi
  7. What to eat/not to eat during the Catur-masya
  8. Understanding traditional Indian spices
  9. Learn to cook traditional Indian dishes
    • 10 Non Ekadasi main entries
    • 5 Non Ekadasi side entries
    • 5 Non Ekadasi bread
    • 5 Ekadasi Main Entries
    • 5 Ekadasi side entries
  10. Learn to cook using Solar Energy
    • 15 Ekadasi/non Ekadasi main entries

All are welcome to join.

For more information, please contact:
Achyuta Krishna dasa