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Nrsimhadeva Activity Book And Posters

by Urmila devi dasi

Posted May 5, 2008

Here are dozens of activities you can do with kids from age 2-18 about Lord Nrsimhadeva and Prahlad Maharaja. Some are general, and others are grouped by age. There are posters for quick reference. You can also print out the posters and give them to kids--let them choose what activities they would like to do!

Integrated Posters (<200kB .pdf)
Holy Places Posters (<200kB .pdf)
Holy Name Posters (<200kB .pdf)
Deity Worship Posters (<200kB .pdf)
Scripture Posters (<200kB .pdf)
Sadhu Sanga Posters (<200kB .pdf)
Nrsimha Activity Book (3MB .pdf)

We hope in the future to greatly improve and expand these festival-based activities, adding boxes of ready-to-use resources such as masks, photos, activity sheets, and so forth. Suggestions are most welcome.

We are also working on a learning-to-read project.

If anyone would like to help with this and other curriculum projects, please contact me. We can use writers and artists, though there are presently only very limited funds to give donations in gratitude for service if needed/desired. :-) Donations for the project, to Padma, Inc. (a registered non-profit) can be sent through Paypal to