Website on Prasna Sastra
Posted March 20, 2003

The first focused website on Horary or Prasna

India, the land of mystique, has given many firsts to the world. One of the most ancient firsts is Vedic Astrology. It has many branches and one of the lesser known branches is Horary or Prasna.

Prasna has overcome the problem of wrong calculations because of incorrect or vague time of birth. Prasna takes only the time of asking of question and since this can be noted exactly the results are incredible.

This celestial knowledge was unknown to the masses as one was required to personally go and visit an expert psychic or astrologer.

Now the advent of the internet has made it accessible for one and all. It is a special boon to all those who do not know the exact time of birth.

Spark Infoway, a Bangalore based company, has launched the website exclusively dedicated to this great science. The site is

A panel of noted astrologers from South India, who have been practicing Horary for decades, have joined the panel and they give answers to specific questions on any aspect of life.

The website also gives free lessons on Vedic Astrology and Horary. is launched in English and will soon be available in other major languages of the world. For more information on what is Prasna and how it works one may log on to