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Vaishnava Businesses And Services International (vbasi)

by Vaishnava Businesses and Services International

Posted March 14, 2006

Dear Vaishnavas and Friends ~

Hare Krishna. Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

Below you will find information about a new resource called Vaishnava Businesses and Services International. Please contact us with any questions, ideas or concerns about this project. When the VBASI website is up, we will announce it throughout the community. In the meantime, if you or someone you know is involved with devotee businesses or particular service projects, please share this announcement with them. We invite you to participate in this community-building project and we are looking forward to adding your information to the VBASI Registry.

Your servants and friends at
Vaishnava Businesses and Services International

Vaishnava Businesses and Services International
Building Community through Mutual Benefit and Support

Vaishnava Businesses and Services International (VBASI) is a registry for businesses and services of the world-wide Vaishnava community. VBASI assists Vaishnava businesses and services in meeting the community's material and spiritual needs. By maintaining up-to-date profiles and contact information on individuals, organizations and products, VBASI serves as a useful tool for Vaishnavas around the world.

The Four Purposes of VBASI

~ Purpose 1: To create a registry of independent, institutional, local and international Vaishnava businesses and services.

~ Purpose 2: To build and strengthen the Vaishnava community through mutual benefit and support between Vaishnava businesses and services, and the community members these entities seek to serve.

~ Purpose 3: To enhance Vaishnava community and relationships by communicating the needs of the community to entrepreneurs and administrators, and by spreading awareness of available resources throughout the Vaishnava community to its members.

~ Purpose 4: To promote Vaishnava businesses and services as professional and relevant among the Vaishnava community as well as public and private organizations; to distribute the VBASI Registry throughout Vaishnava, Hindu and other related communities.

Representatives of Vaishnava businesses and services are invited to contact VBASI to learn more and to register your organization in the VBASI Registry. Community members looking for a particular project or product are invited to view the Registry or contact the VBASI Staff.

Vaishnava Businesses and Services International
PO Box 2099
Boulder, Colorado 80306, USA
Phone: 303.443.1609
Web Address: [in development; will include the VBASI Registry]
New Discussion Group: Click Here [serves as an initial database and networking forum]