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Vaishnava Arts Network International (VANI)

by Vaishnava Arts Network International

Posted March 11, 2006

Dear Vaishnavas and Friends ~

Hare Krishna. Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

We offer the Vaishnava Arts Network International to all of you.

VANI Background:

The Vaishnava community is blessed by the presence of many artists who are sharing their realizations with devotees, and Krishna Consciousness with the public, through their art. We have designed VANI according to an enlivening vision of our Vaishnava society as a dynamic network of devotees who continuously manifest interpersonal depth and cultural richness. In this environment, cultural expressions and devotional art forms are natural extensions of our dedication to Guru and Krishna. Our appreciation of each other is also communicated and celebrated through these exchanges.

Presently, many artists find themselves in need of support, facility and engagement within our society as well as throughout the world. When our artists are thus left in solitary and unsupported situations, they suffer, our society suffers and our community's ability to spread Krishna Consciousness suffers. Art is integral to any society and artists are essential members of our society.

It is the mission of VANI to serve the Vaishnava artists, our society and the world. Through the development of a directory, website and active network, VANI aims to help artists and the Sankirtan Movement to benefit from their valuable contribution.

Included below is more information about VANI. Please take the time to consider how you might like to be involved in VANI - as an artist, a teacher, a student, an agent, a benefactor, a volunteer? Our initial endeavor is to begin the VANI Directory, so if you are an artist in any of the fields described below, please contact us as it is our sincere desire to facilitate your service. Emphatically, to build this arts network is a great opportunity to continue to grow as artists and to develop an unlimited presence of Vaishnava art throughout the world.

Please contact us with any questions, ideas or concerns and please join the fresh VANI discussion group to connect with other artists and art patrons. When the VANI website is up, we will announce it broadly. In the meantime, if you or someone you know is an artist or is interested in the arts, please share this announcement with them. We are at your service and ready to add your information to the VANI Directory.

Thank you for your consideration. All glories to your service!

Your servants and friends at

Vaishnava Arts Network International


- If you aren't sure if your art-service is within the guidelines for being listed in the VANI Directory, please don't hesitate to write or call us. The eight fields mentioned below are general categories only.

- As the VANI website is being developed, please visit our online discussion group at Click Here

Vaishnava Arts Network International
media, writing, crafts, music, dance, theater, design and fine art

The Vaishnava Arts Network International (VANI) is dedicated to preserving the great artistic traditions of the Vaishnava culture. Rooted in the ancient Vedic heritage of India, Vaishnavism is steeped in aesthetic and social refinement, deep devotional expression and a living wisdom that permeates the work of Vaishnava artists around the world.

VANI assists Vaishnava artists, and private and public organizations in the development of fruitful relationships based on the arts. VANI maintains a directory which includes descriptions of Vaishnava art forms, artist profiles and networking information.

The Eight Purposes of the Vaishnava Arts Network International

~ Purpose 1: To create an aesthetically pleasing, culturally coherent and socially relevant presentation of Vaishnavism, Gaudiya Vaishnavism and Bhakti Yoga.

~ Purpose 2: To facilitate Vaishnava artists in the fields of media, writing, crafts, music, dance, theater, design and fine art.

~ Purpose 3: To enhance the devotional experience of Vaishnava artists through fellowship in Vedic arts and creative devotional expressions.

~ Purpose 4: To support Vaishnava artists in their abilities and to encourage them toward personal bests; to encourage professionalism and world-class performance among highly skilled individuals.

~ Purpose 5: To broaden the devotional experience of the Vaishnava community by promoting the value of diligent practice and mastery of artistic skills.

~ Purpose 6: To honor the need and desire of Vaishnava artists to continuously improve their skills and impact; to research, obtain and create instructional materials and to coordinate workshops, practice sessions and rehearsals; to serve Vaishnava artists by coordinating personal visits, individual lessons and workshops with guest artists and masters of the devotional arts.

~ Purpose 7: To maintain a network of individuals who, in service or business, share their skills through regular production of works and personal instruction in various fields.

~ Purpose 8: To promote Vaishnava arts as relevant, enjoyable and valuable among the private sector and publicly funded organizations; to promote Vaisnava art forms and qualified artists throughout devotional and art-based communities.

Patrons of the arts are invited to contact VANI to learn more about the beauty and depth of Vaishnava arts and to meet the dedicated artists.

To arrange to be a teacher or student of, or agent for, Vaishnava media, writing, crafts, music, dance, theater, design or fine art, please contact VANI.

Vaishnava Arts Network International
PO Box 2099
Boulder, Colorado 80306, USA
Phone: 303.443.1609
Web Address: [in development; will include the VANI Directory]
New Discussion group: Click Here [serves an initial database and networking forum]