Chakra Announcements

Virtual Mayapur Festival

by Gopijan ballab dasa

Posted March 9, 2008

With pleasure we announce the launch of the "Virtual Mayapur festival" on

With the hoisting of the flag the devotees gathered in Mayapur pronounced their sankalpa for the sankirtan yajna of Sri Mayapur International Festival.

Now with the help of a dedicated photo and video team, we will bring you the Mayapur Festival online.

For the first time, during Gaura Purnima Festival, devotees can hear live Srimad Bhagavatham classes from Sri Mayapur or listen at any time in our Download section and also enjoy reading the transcriptions too!

Please visit for the latest news and enjoy browsing the Gaura Purnima 2008 Gallery which will be uploaded everyday for the next 15 days.

The festivities have begun..........!

Only 15 days to Gaura Purnima. Please make your offering today at

Many Thanks to all Our Donors and Sponsors!

Your humble servant

Gopijan ballab dasa