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submitted by Tapati dasi

Posted June 27, 2005

Are you a former member of ISKCON or another Gaudiya Vaisnava group? You are cordially invited to visit our new discussion forum,

We met on various forums related to ISKCON or other Gaudiya Vaishnava groups. We began to realize that the things we wanted to discuss as former members were not really appropriate there. So we have created a community where we can freely express what we currently believe (and do not believe), reconnect with old friends, share and joke about our memories in the movement, talk about our lives as they are today, and discuss anything on earth with people who have a common background.

Since Chakra is an ISKCON website, we want to be clear that Gaudiya Repercussions is not a Vaishnava forum (although we have members who still practice Vaishnavism). Nor is it a forum dedicated to reforming ISKCON, though ISKCON related topics may be discussed. There is no common faith or party line other than mutual respect and courtesy. We support each member in determining what is best for them regarding their spiritual choices--therefore, preaching to members is not allowed. Most of us have been judged in the past for our beliefs and we don't want to replicate that experience on our forum.

Gaudiya Repercussions also invites others who are interested in interfaith discussions, including Gaudiya Vaishnavas. However, we ask you to consider your spiritual welfare when determining your level of participation. It is not our desire to injure your faith or interfere with your sadhana.

Gaudiya Repercussions is a community. To start posting in all the forums, one is required to fill in a member profile. It has been our experience that when we know who we are talking to, it makes for civil and rewarding discussions!

Our topic categories include, but are not limited to: our stories, interfaith discussions, humor, hobbies, politics, social issues, Gurukula, spiritual experiences, eastern traditions, entertainment, prayer, ritual, spiritual concepts, Native American and emerging traditions, health, Vaishnava topics, finding old friends, and spirit in academia.

Visit us at!

The Moderating Team (Chanahari, Dhyana, Milla, and Tapati)