Chakra Announcements

Gaudiya Kutir Wiki

by Madhavananda Das

Posted June 17, 2006

Gaudiya Kutir is pleased to announce the opening of Gaudiya Kutir Wiki (gkWiki) - an online Gaudiya Vaisnava encyclopedia.

The project
The project is built as a community endeavor, block by block, and is steadily growing into a deep treasure-mine of information on all facets of Gaudiya Vaisnavism. The work is currently in its initial stages. The structure is being organized, the required entries are being charted and placeholders and disorganized content are being put in their places, the first complete entries are being written.

The solution
gkWiki is based on the MediaWiki software package, used as the back-end of the popular Wikipedia website among many others. Technically, Wiki-software allows all editors to work on each others' entries, correcting mistakes, elaborating and reorganizing content; it also archives all versions of an article to ensure that nothing precious is deleted for good.

Additional tools
With the opening of the Wiki, we are also pleased to announce the availability of a number of helpful tools to aid in the use of diacritics in transliterated text. They are available under Help / Tools on the website.

Visit us online
Gaudiya Kutir cordially invites everyone to explore the resource and to check in often - it evolves every day. gkWiki is available online at: