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Veggie Alert Newsletter

by Jada Bharata Dasa

Posted June 5, 2006

I just send out my first Alert Newsletter and plan to send out steady updates once or twice a month. The newsletter contains warnings about animal ingredients that may be in many of the products that we use. A link to the first two newsletters are

Newsletter 1 Click Here

Newsletter 2 Click Here

From these newsletter oages you can add your email address if you would like to have future newsletters sent to you when they come out. Some of the subjects discussed in the first two newsletters are:

Also I just added a Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw Food Recipes section.

BTG ( allowed me to put recipes from the Old Hare Krishna cookbook and other recipes that they compiled on the site. There is also an assortment of other recipes in this section including some from Kurma Prabhu. I am in the process of getting various recipes from Govinda's Restaurants and other well-known vegetarian restaurants to submit recipes to this section. I am hoping to make this the largest selection of Prasadam recipes on the Internet and if any devotees would like to add recipes they would be greatly appreciated.

The site also has the largest database of vegetarian restaurants and health food stores on the Internet with a good amount of detail about these places.