Chakra Announcements

Maui Varnashrama project

by Shiva das

Posted June 2, 2004

I have a new website for the purpose of trying to get Vaisnavas with an interest in establishing a Varnashrama community to come together and network. It's basic message is the idea of trying to create a Varnashrama community in the wealthiest and arguably the most beautiful place on Earth, Maui, Hawaii.

There already is a large Vaisnava community spread thoughout the Hawaiian islands, My idea is to pool that talent and others as well to create a project not unlike the project Ambarisa Dasa is considering in India.

So take a peek, email your suggestions or opinions, Prabhupada's idea of Varnashrama can come together in Paradise for the benefit of all involved.

Your servant
Shiva Das