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New ISKCON Spain Website

by ISKCON Spain

Posted July 30, 2008

We just launched the new Official ISKCON Spain website. It has many features not available anywhere else like:

  • Many Prabhupada books in PDF
  • Deluxe lectures in Spanish
  • Bhakta Manual
  • Lots of new content

Please link to it if you have a spanish section on any of your sites or want to give your visitors a link to spanish content.

Here are some captures:

The home page:

We have many books in PDF format so that anyone can download them inmediatly:

Like we did with the english lectures, we now have spanish prabhupada lectures with cover art and proper mp3 tags. They look fantastic on the iPhone or iPods that support cover flow.

And one more interesting feature is the bhakta manual. It is a PDF where in a very simple and graphical way people can learn how to start practicing bhakti yoga at home. It includes photos to create your own altar, instructions on how to chant japa, how to offer etc.

Please link from your sites to offer your visitors content in spanish.


ISKCON Tech team.

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