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Spiritual Journeys In India

by Jay Govinda Dasa

Posted July 24, 2006

I'm a devotee living in Vrindaban. Recently I opened a Website about making spiritual journeys in India. It's meant for devotees or spiritual minded people, who want to visit sacred temples, tirthas, Dhamas and other wonderful places of our beloved India in peace, with good company of other likeminded people. There's volunteer yoga sessions included and more.

I worked for a European travel agency for about six years, as a tour leader and travel guide for making ordinary mundane journeys in India, but I got so disheartened with it and therefore decided to begin something closer to my heart and soul.

Some of Krishna's friends and other congregation members who would otherwise find it a bit difficult to travel on their own in India, could find this especially useful. As you know, sometimes India, although our spiritual motherland, treats some new visitors in some surprising unexpected ways ...

I'm fluent in Hindi (after having lived in Vrindaban for more than five years), which is of great help in many bewildering situations. After having travelled all throughout the country for many years both professionally as a tour leader and privately as a Vaishnava pilgrim, I now offer my humble services through this website.

Receiving some help and guidance like this might make the first timers' connection with the modernized version of India a little bit easier to cope with. As you know, things have changed some in many parts of India since the writing of our devotional litterature. Naturally, we wish all travellers and visitors will find the ancient and sublime glory of Vedic Culture by coming to India and carry joyfully that treasure in their hearts back home, wherever they are residing in the world.

In case you want to have a look of my brand new website, it's located in this address:

And if you wish to inquire from me directly, you can write to me personally by e-mail: